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Backlit Displays

Backlit displays illuminate your message to airline passengers as they enter ticketing, pass through security, proceed through concourses, and gather in gate areas.

Products, formats and avails may vary by market and airport. Contact your Airports representative for additional information.

  • Various display types including: dioramas, mini spectaculars, super spectaculars, escalator spectaculars, and scrollers
  • Offered in a variety of sizes and showing levels
  • Opt for multiple displays distributed throughout the airport for complete audience exposure, or choose one large display in a key area of the area to target a more specific demographic
Product Examples

National and International Sales

Jon Sayer
Senior Vice President of National Sales
Email Sales

Local/Regional/Caribbean Sales

Melissa Cleary
Vice President of Local/Regional Sales
610 395 8002
Email Sales

Private Jet Terminal Sales

Pamela Horn
SVP, Strategic Partnerships
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