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Wraps & Clings

Wall wraps and window clings take full advantage of unique wall and window spaces in high dwell time areas such as gate hold rooms, food courts, and baggage claim.

Products, formats and avails may vary by market and airport. Contact your Airports representative for additional information.

  • Can be applied to most surfaces: on soffits, overhead in escalators, vertically on columns or doors, directly to windows or glass panels
  • Some of our new applications include innovative surfaces such as jet bridges, escalator hand rails, and baggage carousels
  • Located in areas of maximum passenger concentration and offer inescapable visibility
Product Examples

National and International Sales

Jon Sayer
Senior Vice President of National Sales
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Local/Regional/Caribbean Sales

Melissa Cleary
Vice President of Local/Regional Sales
610 395 8002
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Private Jet Terminal Sales

Pamela Horn
SVP, Strategic Partnerships
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